The reaction

After a weeks worth of varied reactions I have removed access to my original blog post. After hundreds of thousands of views and almost eight hundred comments on just the blog post (not including Reddit, Hacker News and 4chan) all the people that needed to see it have seen it and it served it’s purpose. My intention was to raise awareness and help bring up a discussion that too many people had felt was no longer relevant. It’s entirely relevant and through digging up this horrible story I’ve at least opened the eyes of people in not only the Ruby community but others as well.

My biggest reason for taking down the post is the horrible comments I was getting. Rape and death threats were just too much for me to handle. I’ve now exposed myself to a multitude of insane people out there. Just because you’re making up an anonymous name and email doesn’t mean your words don’t hurt and you’re not accountable for them. You know what you said and I hope that none of you actually meant it. The other reason I’m taking it down is that it got way more exposure that I initially anticipated and is now on page two of my personal google search. I don’t want to be remembered for this for the rest of my career, or life. I want to go back to being known as a designer in the tech community. That’s what I’ve worked my whole life for and what I will continue to do.

I will be writing another blog post this weekend on some things I learned and answering some questions people have asked me via comments, email and twitter.

But most importantly, fuck the trolls, and THANK YOU to everyone who reached out with words of encouragement. Thank you to the men who wrote me and said they’ll never let something like this happen as long as they see anything suspicious. Thank you to the community leaders who spoke out and thank you to my personal friends for listening to me cry for hours. You were the ones that really shined through this. And although this was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to write about, I’m at least glad to know it made some kind of difference in multiple communities across the tech industry. Let’s not allow the conversation die out. Keep discussing.